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AHCC Japanese Mushroom Extract for Cancer Treatment

A shiitake mushroom extract is known as AHCC. It is able to kill human papillomavirus. This is very important since it provokes cervical cancer, experts say. According to statistics, more than three-quarters of all women are infected with human papillomavirus. There are cases in medical practice when it causes cancer.

The public announced the results of an experiment with rodents. Research has shown that AHCC can remove the virus from the body in almost 3 months, thereby reducing the rate of tumor growth. AHCC is a very common supplement. Most experts in a given area claim that in the future, it will probably be able to replace vaccination against the virus.

Participation in the experiment with rodents, which began 6 years ago, was attended by Dr. Judith Smith, University of Texas. Over the years, the effect of the extract has been investigated. Specialists were able to explain that the compound works like immunotherapy. We are talking about the immune system, which is trying very hard to overcome the virus.AHCC Japanese Mushroom Extract for Cancer Treatment

According to the authors of the discovery, the antiviral effect is provided by a substance called an active compound. It is directly associated with hexose (AHCC).

That’s what scientists managed to prove as a result of clinical and laboratory experiments. First, AHCC is able to increase not only the number but also the activity of natural killer cells, cytokines, including dendritic cells. This moment allows the immune system to respond quite quickly to the threat of cancer, thereby blocking the direct multiplication of cancer cells.

Human papillomavirus DNA statistics are as follows: 99.7% of cancer biopsies are found in the cervix. There is a relationship between papillomavirus and anal cancer – 95%, 60% refers to cancer of the throat, 65% belongs to vaginal cancer, 50% refers to cancer of the external female genital organs and 35% of the human papillomavirus can appear on the penis.

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