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Delivery Options

Our online company offers international delivery. Only remote Asian countries are out of our service, unfortunately. We do our best to expand the destinations we have now. Currently, we offer the following shipping options:

Regular Airmail delivery. This service brings parcels on average within 15-21 business days. The maximum delivery time is 30 business days. Tracking is unavailable. The fee is $10.00.

Express Courier system. This option is more expensive. Its charge is $30.00. The parcel is delivered right to your door. The delivery time on average takes 5-9 business days. The maximum delivery rate is 14 business days (2 weeks). The tracking is possible. The ID number is sent at the moment your order is dispensed from our office.

Our company brings parcels in non-transparent wrappers. We respect our customers’ right to confidentiality. The only aspect we cannot control is a possible examination at a customs office. If this procedure will be conducted, you will be informed.

Orders containing over 120 pills are sent into two different wrappers. They may be delivered in different time spans. The fee is debited once for two parcels.

If something wrong happens with your parcel during delivery, our company will consider your case. In any case, our operator will inform you whether you will get a refund or reshipment free of charge.